Texta Patrol protects your online communities from toxic content

We provide real-time AI service to remove hateful, toxic, and other inappropriate content.

Texta Patrol – Contextual AI Comment Moderation for Facebook

Efficiency and speed

Texta Patrol monitors all comments on your page in real time – all unwanted content is removed before it even appears on the site.

Increased revenue

Safer user experience helps to keep the community members engaged longer and thus increasing the advertising revenue for the page.

Increased trust and safety

Texta Patrol helps you produce engaging content in a safe and trustworthy environment without having to worry about possible toxic comments.

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“A skilful and highly motivated team that listens to client needs and achieves objectives!”


Government Chief Data Officer Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Republic of Estonia

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CreditinfoRARAEkspress meediaPPAPäästeametÄripäevJustiitsministeeriumRIASorainenStaccTTJAÕhtulehtHaridusministeerium