Team & Story

Founded in 2017 by Silver Traat and Raul Sirel. Their ambition was to build a language technology company using state-of-the-art AI capability to service customers in ever-thinkable text analytics verticals.

Having contributed to text analytics research already before founding TEXTA and continuing this work every single day now TEXTA holds mastery in language technology.

Silver Traat is the co-founder and CEO of TEXTA. He has worked as Head of Business Development in STACC and International Projects Manager in Eurecat Competence Center in Spain.

Raul Sirel is the co-founder and CTO of TEXTA. He has obtained MA in Computational Linguistics from University of Tartu. Raul has worked as visiting researcher in University of Western Sydney and NICTA Canberra Research Lab and as researcher and project leader in STACC.

We are AI experts refining data –
making your future life successful today!

Our team core competence is in text analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Our AI-based and language independent products enable our customers to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, extract value from unstructured data, manage compliance risks, automate processes, and build online trust and safety.

Our flagship products are TEXTA Moderator, TEXTA Article Expert and TEXTA Toolkit.