Texta Moderator™

Real time AI service to remove hate, violence, incitement and any other inappropriate content. TEXTA Moderator is used to remove inappropriate content from:

  • comment sections,
  • gaming & dating platforms,
  • social media pages,
  • chat feeds.

Why Texta Moderator ?


Objectivity and speed

Language and customer specific AI models are free of subjectivity and respond rapidly to all comments received, checked and returned to the CMS.


100% of content moderated 24/7

All comments are identified and evaluated around the clock disregarding work schedule, public holidays or any other breaks that manual moderation entails.


Revenue growth

Great customer experience has a direct impact on revenue growth from existing and new clients.


Better customer experience

Equipped with solid knowledge of customer interests and preferences opens up opportunities to engage the customer with highly personalized content.

Texta Article Expert™

Article Expert automatically processes texts to provide keywords and metadata to better describe the content. Our solution uses AI to understand the context and tags content for:

  • news media (articles),
  • libraries (articles & books),
  • blogs & websites.

Why Texta Article Expert ?


Consistency and quality

AI-generated tags as metadata ensure consistency and quality for both existing and new news articles.


Improved reader analytics

High quality tags enable reader behavior analysis on a more granular and precise level to deepen the understanding of their behavioral drivers.


Increased trust and safety

We help to create a safe and trustworthy environment for customers avoiding harmful experiences.


Works on CMS platforms and social media

Easy to set-up and quick deployment process allows to integrate TEXTA Moderator to existing workflows and moderation solutions.

Texta Toolkit™

TEXTA Toolkit is a language independent platform of text analytics used for building machine learning pipelines and solving problems such as:

  • email flow automation,
  • data anonymization (GDPR),
  • text forensics and intelligence.

Why Texta Toolkit ?

Toolkit can be used as the enterprise solution based on the customer professional requirements on managing the machine learning flow and licensed accordingly.

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